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The Suffolk Institute for Hypnotherapy focuses on the neo-Ericksonian model of hypnotherapy. Progressive relaxation techniques are taught along with hypnotic scripts utilizing metaphors and direct and indirect suggestions.

August 19, 2011: Assertiveness Training
August 26, 2011: The Art of Self Mastery
September 9, 2011: The Mastery of Love
September 30, 2011: Mindfulness and Meditation
October 7, 2011: The Power of Now
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Students will become familiar with NLP and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy techniques used during the hypnotic process.

The Suffolk Insitute for Hypnotherapy offers certification through the American Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy.
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In addition, the Institute offers certified clinical hypnotherapists supervision and advanced courses to enhance their hypnotherapy practice. Find out more about our advanced material here.

Seminars and workshops are now available for anyone interested in learning new skills to live a happier and healthier life.

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